Wong Lip Kee, Markiza and Peter playing at ECO Film Festival       



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 New Album !          pic: Albert Ng

PETER BROWN'S new album BLUES is now released 14 tracks  click on image  below to hear tracks and buy

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peter brown's early albums, now available as free downloads from reverbnation.com
Hear/download for FREE Peter Brown's first album YOUNG & FOOLISH - all 10 tracks.  Recorded in 1979, digitally remastered 2002, this album was put together from 3 demo tapes of 11 songs. click HERE to listen/download. WILD PLACE IN THE SUN, PB's second album recorded live on 4 track half inch tape and mixed down to quarter inch (1981, digitally remastered 2002) now THERE for you to listen and freely download tracks.  All four albums are now up to precede the release of his fifth solo album BLUES,
now available (Feb 2015), hard copies RM20 (GBP 5)

to see the albums and read the lyrics go to www.lemang.com and click on "Peter Brown" on the bar beneath the main picture on the index page
The Searcher & Warm
are now up on the site:


We (Markiza & Peter) shall be playing some GREEN songs at 8.00 am with a special guest guitarist
(no not "pm" but "am") on 14th August on
at Botanical Gardens Kuala Lumpur (see poster) after the 10 kilometre run has taken place (no we won't be running, we shall be setting up!)

Markiza, Peter & Wong performing at Bee Restaurant for Green Vibes show, KL Eco Film Festival 2013

Peter Brown's New Album BLUES available in hard copy at Merdekarya RM20 (GBP3) for 14 tracks.This album praised by many people.  To listen, buy on line, or peruse lyrics click here


Free Downloads
the new Green singles from Soft Touch

along with all remastered tracks from Passion's albums 1993-1996
Listen now!

by Passion garage remix
Video:  Listen 2 What U C
videos with Alda Tan:  Love & Music  Better World  Wishful Thinking  Listen 2 What U C

SOFT TOUCH from left to right: Wong Lip Kee, Markiza & Peter at
Palate Palette, Kuala Lumpur

SOFT TOUCH FULL ALBUM! All tracks for freeee!
download all tracks
click on SOFT TOUCH (or above) for history of Soft Touch & details of this album


We are celebrating the 20 years of our publishing company Lemang Music which in April 1993 released Passion's first album OPEN SECRET (click on PASSION on the bar above).  This was followed in 1996 by the album LOVE & MUSIC.  In 2001 Peter Brown's 4th solo effort, WARM was released.  Then as a result of SOFT TOUCH playing many live gigs, their album SOFT TOUCH FULL ALBUM  was released (2006).  Click on the bar above find out more, read lyrics and hear tracks / videos from these albums.
OPEN SECRET, featuring Markiza and Peter Hassan Brown, helped by numerous session musicians.   This was the first ever English album in the pop medium in Malaysia produced and financed entirely by the artists without a record company.  All original hitherto unpublished songs. We are on REVERBNATION:  For some excellent and interesting (arresting) now remastered tracks from both these albums
go to: http://www.reverbnation.com/softtouchmusic

click on the bar Passion above for details and lyrics

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See us performing at Mer
  10th Annivesary Show Jan 2003
Lemang Music ten-year anniversary show...
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20th Anniversary show April 2013
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Acoustic Jam 15 Jan 2008
Acoustic Jam shows: July 2001 to Jan 2008
featuring many fine young local artists