A Different Kind of Poverty
A Novel by Peter G. Brown

Justification for publishing this novel

I wanted to show what tends to happen when people don’t have a strong
and vibrant culture to protect themselves from evils and destructive behaviour.

I wrote this novel during the 1970s and 80s when a great many young people in the West allowed their
belief in religion to fall by the wayside, instead following hedonistic behaviour patterns such as the
use of recreational drugs and unrestrained sexual freedom, and also succumbing to the habit of putting
self-interest ahead of morality, thus the urge to be generous and help others who are worse off
than oneself was replaced by an uncontrollable impulse to cast off discipline and restraint.

After I thought I had completed this novel I then attempted to get it published.  I contacted several publishers. 
Their response was just like a chorus: we don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts and advise you to try a literary agent. 
I tried several literary agents but every one of them told me they had enough authors on their
books and were not interested in another author at the present time (1987).

These were the days of mechanical typewriters, when, if you wanted to make changes to a manuscript
or correct an error you had to paint out the line of print and retype the change.  If the change was too long
then you retyped the whole page. These days it is much easier
to correct a mistake – you just use magical Microsoft Word!

But that doesn’t automatically solve the problem of mistakes and typos:

Because there are all those bits in the text where a word is misspelt or when you are laboriously
re-and-re-reading the text for the fourth or fifth time and fail to spot something wrong. 
When you think the pages are all perfect, then having sent the manuscript off to be printed by that
self-publishing company you hastily open the freshly produced book at a random page and there is
that word! – how could I have not seen that?  Instead of opposite sex it is there glaring at you: opposite six!!!

So this time I made the biggest effort ever to correct errors.  On the one hand I am pleased that this work
has been published with the aid of self-publisher X Libris.  But on the other I am obliged to apologise to
those who might find the contents of the story offensive.  I have tried right from the beginning
to make it true to life, using research and gathered information, while at the same time keeping it plausible.

So all I can say is: hope you like it and enjoy the read.

Thank you

Peter G. Brown
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