Acoustic Jam 12

Commonwealth Club
Damansara Heights
Kuala Lumpur

Saturday 23rd August, 2003
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What a wonderful, jolly evening was had by all. I believe this was perhaps the most enjoyable Acoustic Jam of all - certainly for Markiza and me, since we had Donal taking charge of the sound and Ariff and his three girl-friends (some guys have all the luck!) manning or rather womaning the desk and ticketing. Thanks so much to you! We also had CAKE! two choices, one cheese cake and one chocolate banana courtesy of Secret Recipe (recommended) and free squash and syrup, which were paid out of the profit (just over RM100) of Acoustic Jam Eleven which took place last April in the late lamented Actors Studio Box, since it seemed rather nugatory to pay out RM20 per band, and no-one protested at our suggestion. So we had CAKE...

Although numbers were small (just under 30 tickets bought), many of those who came made a major contribution to the happiness of everyone by giving their heart music. Markizah and I started off (other members of Soft Touch couldn't make it - having other gigs or job commitments) with two completely new numbers - virgin songs - never before screwed up - I mean performed although one of them was written years ago. The other was a tune by our bass player Shahril to which Markiza has written some WORDS - first time as lyricist for M! They seemed to go down okay despite loads of wrong chords by Hassan. Then we performed "Love & Music" from the album of the same name.

Everyone then followed with three songs, to great peals of appreciation from the audience.
Shelley Leong sang three lovely songs, followed by Zal and guitarist Jerral (who had already done some nice accompanying things to Shelley's songs). Zal has a really strong voice and she can ad-lib sing too. Then Az got up. Now this guy is tall with long hair and glasses and looks like an intellectual. But playing the Spanish guitar - oh, my God - all you ace guitarists you'd better look behind you. Az has a duet called "Dalchaduo" and if you want to verify what I am saying then go to: for a download/stream. He not only plays most beautifully his own compositions but also sways like a willow tree in a storm almost like he's dancing to his own music (although remaining seated).

After that Ariff Akhir took the stage (the bigger of the two Ariffs) and proceeded to wow us with his straight down the line magnetic songs and fruity, tasteful voice which beats Rob Thomas in my opinion - this guy should really make his own album ( and I told him so). This guy is some talent - three songs from him and you're wanting more. Then Ariff (the other Ariff) came on with his band "One Flight Down" and sang some delightful love songs with explicit in the sense that they laid bare his feelings lyrics. Following this Foong took the stage (or rather the floor) and went for the keyboards to render us some of her classical style compositions one of which was an examination piece. Considering she's not used to playing an electric stand-up piano it was a fine performance, thank you for coming Foong.

Then finally there were the Wallets. In spite of their somewhat materialistic name their perfomance came from the heart and soul. They began with a song about Iraq which reminded me of Nusantara melodies - a fine and moving composition sung by lead singer Nazreen who really has it, if you don't mind my saying so. Her voice is full of joy and deep emotion. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their set, but now it was time to go round again, since no more artists had turned up (and no-one was using the drums either - all that work for nothing!)

This time covers were allowed and songs by David Bowie, Dave Matthews and John Mayer were rendered to great sing-along enthusiasm (thanks also to your response to "Better World"). The final song was a number by Mr. Big which Nazreen belted out (oh! no! not that expression but she really did from deep down) with response vocals from Zal and everyone singing along on the chorus. Really delightful (I've been listening to the recording). Thanks so much to all the performers and all who managed a trip to darkest Damnsara Heights (oh well lets leave it like that - camels and eyes of needles, you know what we mean).

Which brings us to the money side of it, and talking of wallets, they weren't exactly bulging. Some performers failed to claim back their RM10 - was this a deliberate act of generosity? If so thank you, it helped to defray costs so that we more or less broke even. But if you want your money then let us know. Thanks to the other two friends of Ariff (the other Ariff) also for helping out.

So that's all. PLEASE come to the Acoustic Jam 13 on Sunday September 7th at The Actors Studio Theatre in Bangsar Shopping Centre (3rd Floor), Jalan Maarof, Kuala Lumpur. For only RM22 you get a 5 hour show starting at 6.00 pm with ten acts including Lo, Mia Palencia, Mei Chern, Nitrus, Rehman Rashid, Ruhil, Jamie Wilson, Gerard Singh, Lurks, Naked Breed and even, God willing - Soft Touch.


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