Peter Brown
Peter Brown's latest album "Blues"

<>Peter Brown's last album "Warm"
 was launched on 10th November 2001.

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The album of 11 songs was recorded in London and Kuala Lumpur.


New Album

Before moving to Malaysia, Peter made three solo albums

Wild Place In The Sun
Wild Place In The Sun


The Searcher
The Searcher

These albums were made in small analogue studios between 1977 and 1984 and represent the artist's most accomplished work during this period. In addition to the unique quality of the songs, with respect to both lyrics and music, there are on two of the albums very fine contributions from some remarkable session musicians. throughout these years Brown experimented with different styles and flirted with commercial pop-rock; the result is a great deal of variety from mushy romantic folk to facetious rock'n'roll, from acoustic finger-picking with dark lyrics about spiritual confusion to tongue-in-cheek bubble-gum pop, from bottle-neck blues to satire on the humanistic psychology movement. Of course these albums are not state-of-the-art Babyface recordings but they are the best that de-hissing and generally rehabilitating twenty year old magnetic tape can realize, and if there are one or two seconds of tape flutter and drop-out or over-recorded vocals it is worth it for some magical improvisations and rare performances. Although embarrassed by one or two, Brown is basically proud of these songs, the arrangements and recordings.

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