Vacant Eyes

Your queen is dead upon the bed of roses that she made,
She never even cared
Yes, she never dared to share the joy of living
Of anything remotely like forgiving,
So what is it about you now that makes me so disturbed?
You never even heard -
Yes you never heard the words that I've been saying
Am I just another game you're playing?

So alone, so aloof
Galvanised and bullet-proof
Locked inside, sealed away
Never coming out to play

Vacant eyes will realise there is no point in staring
Never really caring
About the things you cannot see -
You left before but now you see, to deal you are unable
The cards upon the table
They were never meant for me


In a blaze of fantasy tou claim your abdication,
The great emancipation
of the one you couldn't free
And in a rage you burn the pages of this book of sadness
The litany of madness
is the legacy you leave me


Rafique Rashid © Lemang Music, 1996