You came to my door

You came to my door one cold dark night
You asked me if you could come in
We hadn't met or talked for a while
And I said, "How've you been?"

We talked and we talked about old times
I could not speak my mind
You sat and stared and smiled at me
And my words were so hard to find

You knew I belonged to another
You said that you didn't mind
You said we could meet from time to time
And see what we could find

You said, "I don't want to possess you"
You've had all the women you would
I said, "That's what I was thinking myself"
And you went on down that old road

Now you've grown tired of your old friend
And our love has grown cold
You tasted my body and you drank my wine
But you never reached my soul

So farewell, farewell my yester love
Farewell my friend
Next time you come on a cold dark night
I don't know if I'll let you in

by Patti Jones  © Lemang Music, 1993