Miracle Love

She's an occidental diamond, she's an oriental pearl,
She's a fabulous fusion of two different worlds
She's got the peace of the East and the zest of the West,
A rare charisma so that I've become obsessed
with my Miracle Love.

She's organic poetry, she's a music queen,
She's more beautiful than anyone I've ever seen
Gentle and aware and sensitive,
with a rare intuition and so much to give,
She's my Miracle Love

She knows my heart, she knows what I need
She's got that magic fruit that tastes so sweet
Her kisses turn my love to speed
on a journey as smooth as silk
She rides horses bareback in the night
She's got that spark that sets my kerosene alight
I give myself because it feels so alright -
No-one ever cried over spilt milk

She's a dancer at dusk, a singer at dawn
She makes me feel I've only just been born
Sweet flower of the forest, enchanted belle
She can take me to heaven more than words can tell,
She's my Miracle Love

She's certainly wrought a miracle in me
She's stolen away my memory
And got me to part with my liberty,
I trust her but I don't know why
Across a dark valley she's thrown a fine bridge
She's mended my heart with the magic of a witch
Being together with her is such a privilege
I feel like a king on high

She can move me to tears like the falling rain
She can bring me joy or she can bring me pain
But when I'm close to her it's like Universe
Is filled with light and ready to burst -
he's my Miracle Love

Well, I'm riding on a cloud, privileged and proud
The World is at my feet, tonight I'm gonna meet
I'm walking on the air, haven't got a care
Feeling so free, tonight I'm gonna be
with my Miracle Love

Peter Brown & Markiza Halim © Lemang Music 1993