I woke you up this morning ringing your phone
I said, "Where are we meeting?" you said, "I wanna be on my own
"Can't we just leave it, call it a day
"It's got to be a habit", I said, "Baby no way
"I'll have a breakdown, I'll have a breakdown
"I'll have a breakdown, yeah, a breakdown"

Been wandering the streets kinda wasting my time
Feeling in the need to commit some crime
And if you don't think I've got a damn good excuse
Wait til your baby tells you you're no further use
You'll have a breakdown, a breakdown
You'll have a breakdown, a breakdown

Well, it's gonna take a mountain of love
To fill up an ocean of tears
But it's no good if you push and you shove
You won't get anywhere
So if I try to put pressure on you
You'll react away from me
It seems there's nothing I can do
To stop love turning into misery

Well, I might do something drastic
'Cause I feel a little crazy
I might end up underground
Pushing up the daisies
If you don't want that to happen
Just give me a call
Say you're coming back to me
Before I lose control
And have a breakdown, yeah
I'll have a breakdown, 'cause I feel so all alone

No-one's gonna help me out of my rut
No-one cares about me
I'm on my own without any 'buts'
I got no sympathy
And pity like a naked new-born babe
Cast on a refuse tip
Well, it's self-pity I'm feeling 'cause it's love I crave
It's a need that's gonna make me flip

Gonna pull myself together, gonna make it anyway
Gonna find some way to weather this dirty game you play
Can't be this dependent or keep my feelings hid
I need to find a real friend to help me get rid
Of this breakdown, this breakdown
No more breakdown, no more breakdown

rap: Gonna break out of this breakdown
Gonna pull myself up by my own bootstraps, yeah
Gonna forget about you, won't fret about you no more
Gonna find some other interest in life
Gonna go into business, make a big pile of money, yeah
Gonna go on holiday - plenty more fish in the sea

Peter Brown & Markiza Halim © Lemang Music 1993