Take, take me away
I wanna climb your highest mountain
Don't care what the people say
I wanna bathe in your rainbow fountain
We don't complain tomorrow
About the life we choose
Look back - you can see
We got nothing to lose

Yes, the moon is rising, the trees are breathing
The flowers are sweet and the grass is seething
Night is falling, my eyes are listening
Wathcing the colours, hear them glistening
As we rise up high to the Crescendo

I see a home, no longer alone in my dreams
Don't want to live in a cloud of unknowing
This world is not the place it seems
What before I concealed now I am showing
I feel so light and smoothe
As you hold me in your arms
Never will be hurt again
Never come to any harm

It will be different, it will be something
As you enter my dream my heart is humming
I hear you open your skin is speaking
Searching for what my soul is seeking
As we rise up high to the Crescendo

Your light is shining making me shiver
Deep in the current of your river
Move in close, my body trembles
Signing away my soft surrender
As we rise up high to the Crescendo

Peter Brown & Markiza Halim © Lemang Music 1993