When are you Coming Home

I read your letter on the railway station
Standing shivering in the cold
Dark night draped around my shoulder
Staring at the white pages
Staring with the few
I was waiting for the train like I was waiting for you

When are you coming home baby, when are you coming home? (x3)
Don't leave me in the dark now
When are you coming home?

It's more than time I went to California
And you've got a lot of friends I know
Got some time to put your feet up there
Laying on those white beaches
Playing on those silver sands
And you're waiting for the 'plane like I'm waiting for you


Wish I could fly into your loving arms
We could walk by the ocean in the night
But this old city won't let me go
Playing on those guitar strings
Singing sad old love songs
And you waiting for the 'plane boy like I'm waiting for you


by Patti Jones  © Lemang Music, 1993