Pada 8 dan 9 Disember  2007  ini, Sabtu dan Ahad, satu rangkaian solidariti bernama ‘Valley  of Hope  Solidarity Group’ akan mengendalikan satu karnival ‘  I Love Valley Of Hope’ yang  akan di isi dengan pelbagai acara  termasuk forum, tayangan filem, penerangan,  pameran, pertandingan  lukisan untuk kanak-kanak dan persembahan budaya. Ia satu  karnival  yang di rancang sebagai satu tindakbalas terhadap kes perobohan  sebahagian daripada Pusat Pengasingan Kusta di Sungai Buloh yang  sudah berdiri  disana selama 77 tahun untuk memberi laluan kepada  pembinaan Fakulti Perubatan  Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) (!).  Tindakan ini telah merosakkan dan  menafikan sumbangan besar tempat  ini daripada segi penemuan perubatan dunia, dan  yang seharusnya  menjadi satu daripada warisan nasional negara. Daripada masa ia  didirikan, 1930, Pusat ini adalah pusat pengasingan kusta terbesar  dalam Empayar  British dan kedua terbesar di dunia. Ia dilengkapi  dengan peralatan perubatan  tercanggih ketika itu dan perancangan  penduduk yang megikut prinsip ‘bandar  dalam taman’. Selepas  beberapa tahun kemudian, ia menjadi pusat kajian  terpenting untuk  penyakit kusta. Kerajaan telah mengumumkan perancangan untuk  menjadikan  pusat ini sebagai warisan nasional, tetapi sebelum keputusan  diumumkan,  dengan tanpa makluman awal kepadapenduduk, ia telah  dirobohkan sebahagiannya oleh pemaju pada awal September lepas.
Ramai  yang  mungkin tidak mengetahui kewujudan tempat ini ekoran stigma  terhadap  penyakit/pesakit kusta sebelum ini yang mungkin sama  hebatnya seperti stigma dan  diskriminasi terhadap pesakit AIDS.  Pusat ini menjadi tanda penting dalam  sejarah Malaysia dalam hubungan  perubatan, perancangan penempatan, senibina dan  aspek sosial budaya.  Penemuan dan penjelajahan kembali tempat ini  bagaikan  sebuah kawasan ‘silam’ moden yang boleh dipelajari dan diterjemah  atas  bagaimana sebuah dunia yang terasing di rancang,distrukturkan  dan  diberi fungsi oleh sekumpulan manusia, menyokong kehidupan  sendiri secara  sosial, budaya dan ekonomi yang terpisah terus  dari masyarakat perdana.
Permintaanyang memerlukan perhatian  segera!
Lost Generation Space  menjadi  sebahagian daripada badan atau kumpulan seni yang turut  serta menyokong dan  terlibat dalam karnival ini. Dengan lebih  terperinci, Lostgen space akan  mengambil slot terakhir pada 9  Disember 2007, Ahad dari pukul 1  tengahari sehingga 3 petang atas nama persembahan budaya (cultural  performance). Di sini,  ingin di nyatakan, dalam masa yang rapat ini, kami di  lostgen masih lagi membuka penyertaan seniman-seniman, pemuisi,  teman-teman, independent artist, untuk turut serta bersama  penduduk dan berkongsi rasa pada masa karnival.

Yes, well we motored up to Sungai Buloh on this hazy Sunday afternoon and played about five songs in the community hall which was fun.  We played a new song called "Losing Nature" the lyrics of which turned an article written by Chong Sheau Ching who is a writer for The Star Two (she has a column every Monday called Stories for my Mother) into a song about an upland space close to the city which had been used by members of the public as a recreation area and a jungle sanctuary to get close to nature, but the developers soon got hold of it and of course they always get their way because we homo sapiens are material beings you know what I mean.  The song was designed for vocals, piano and slide guitar.  One day Gid willing we'll record it with some of that.  But for now I play the harmonica on it instead.  The leprosy people seemed to like our show, they applauded - so I hope they manage to stop the developers nibbling away their reservation.


Sunday 12th August
   2.30 until 3.00 pm Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre.  Markiza & Peter Brown.    2.00 until 2.30 pm OPEN MICWell this was rather like busking - friends waved and grinned as they hurried past on their way to some other show - Tunku the Musical? Enemy of the People?  Even Joe and Faridah were there amongst the crowds.  We did our half hour spot with piano, guitar and two voices although Peter Hassan was still waking up, it being 2 pm on a Sunday.  So sometimes he didn't get the chords right.  And Markiza was put off by the announcements preceded by tinkly music (which happened to be in C while we were in E-flat) (yes, my fingers are still aching - but it's pitch y'know - for the lady, she has a delicate voice.  And capos? They put the guitar out of tune)   ...Don't seem to get it together to take some photos - sorry about that.  If any of you have any photos send them.  We promise to give you a bi-line


Friday 10th August  9 pm sharp Jam Asia, Desa Sri Hartamas.  RM20 inclusive of drink.  CHICKS ROCK OUT 2.0 All Women Gig (bands with women singers and musicians or all women bands, duos and acoustic acts)  featuring: Markiza & Peter Brown, I G Collective, Oddity, Mili'z, Splitends.   Good line-up - Mili'z are excellent if the KL Sing Song performance is anything to go by, as on that night they walked away with it.  Oddity is savage with passion -  yeah and they were! And they were really appreciated, to our delight.  Don't anyone tell you that hard metal core is out of fashion, excellent female throatist Aadila and guitarist Aida, with good solid bass and drums. They even got an encore, even though they were the last band on.  Before them Mili'z did an excellent set with full band backing, including Melina on bass and newcomer Adil on guitar displaying that two-hands-on-the-fretboard Stanley Jordan type technique.  Lead singer and songwriter Michelle Lee is really charismatic.  Previous to that were I.G. Collective, Nelson, Murat and friends from ICOM with lead singer Shanti who can really belt it out - coming up from under to steal Jac's throne.  Very nice R&B stuff.  Before that Splitends with a smart girl singer whose thing is 80s stars like Pat Benatar and Joan Jett - a tight and confident performance.  And who did you think started the whole thing off?  Well,  just the two of us now.  I don't think we did too badly.  People were very warm and appreciative and we sold some albums.  Thanks chums

Sunday July 22nd Lost Generation Space, 11, Lorong Permai, Off Jalan Syed Putra, Robson Heights, 50460 KL for more information: 016-6838397 Markiza & Peter Brown
& other acoustic acts as part of the NotThatBalai Festival
8 to 11 pm free

Report on Not That Balai Festival
Amidst all the festivals that are being touted, sponsored and given big splashes in the press, there is one real, true alternative one, namely Not That Balai.  A group of amazingly efficient, yet totally laid back and cool organisers, a mix of races that is truly integrated, and a cornucopia of events including films, dance, drama, happenings, a very impressive visual art exhibition and of course music mostly of acoustic variety with improvised sound systems which worked very well in the small front room venue that is Lost Generation Space - a house at the end of a lane in Robson Heights on the hill the other side of the original Highway from the Megamall complex.  When we got there for the soundcheck they were screening a macabre German movie while some artists were laying down a doormat made of miriads of tiny gold stars, which are still glittering on our clothes and shoes.  For details of events go to:  www.notthatbalai.blogspot.com
At about 8.30 (Saturday) the 3 week long Arts Festival was opened by the eminent novelist and Sasteriawan A. Samad Said who gave a very effective talk on the importance of the arts as a humanising and civilising influence on society.  This was followed by a performance by American troupe  Cyclowns on strange customized double-storey cycles who not only skilfully played acoustic blue-grass music with banjos, fiddles and percussion, but also did conjuring tricks and acrobatics.  One girl walked a tight wire between two bicycles, while playing the trumpet and doing a striptease (well only her skirt but that was clever enough).  All wore clownish apparel, like flounced skirts, bloomers, horizontally striped stockings, wigs, hats, false beards, blacked out teeth and face paint - humans and bikes alike decorated in simple bright colours.  Another novelty performance was that of poet Rahmat Harun with every strand of his dreadlocks stretched out with cords in all directions.
After this the event repaired inside with artists like Fathul, Markiza and Peter Brown, Hakim and various poets and musicians performing on a makeshift PA system, but the atmosphere was so relaxed, with everyone being themselves and enjoying the evening.  Nothing showy or phoney.  Loads of food and even brewed coffee was on hand.
The following night we went back there to sing some more numbers, along with Jerome, Paolo Delfino, Wolf, Lightcraft, Estrella, Sei Hon and Azmyl Yunor - this one arranged by Troubadours.  Some great songs were excellently performed and the audience was really appreciative.  Thanks to all who came and to those who helped to organise the weekend events.  (KL Sing Song was good too - go to:
www.troubadourskl.blogspot.com for that one)


Saturday July 28th NotThatBalai Festival @ Seksan's,
67, Jalan Tempinis Satu, Lucky Garden, Bangsar
Markiza & Peter Brown - acoustic gig (with other acts)
9 pm start free
On 28.7.07  we played at Seksans as part of the Not That Balai Festival.  This is real art-for-the-people stuff.  No big sponsors.  No newspaper coverage.  There was a succession of buskers including Rahmat Haron, Meor (for the first time I witnessed this extremely talented and sensitive musician play lead acoustic guitar and very nice it was too).  Oz the lofty from Republic of Brickfields jammed on harmonica while 3 or 4 singer-songwriters got up and performed their lyrics-and-music.  Some were poets who recited more than sang.  One of the highlights was Miss Fynn accompanied by Meor reading her poems.  She asked me to play for her but I'm mighty glad I told her to ask Meor instead as those two are positively symbiotic.  I would mention everyone's name but of course half-zeimers me can't even remember them - sorry guys.  Markiza and Hassan Peter Brown played at the end with piano and guitar through our makeshift sound system.  Better World went down a bomb with some people singing along, others dancing, and some kind lady making an offering of a kitten (was it homeless? I never discovered). 
Melissa brought up the rear with her nice song. 
Monday 30th July  No Black Tie, 17 Jalan Mesui, off Jalan Nagasari behind Istana Hotel Markiza & Peter Brown
solo evening (that is duo evening)  Markiza will play and sing some solo stuff at the grand, Peter will play a solo song or two with the ole' acoustic and ole' blues harp 'n' they will also perform some songs together.
9.30 pm no cover charge. Sound here is perfick

Yes on Monday 30th it was No Black Tie.  We were the featured act (very rare) and played two sets, with stuff from our Passion albums (soon to be up on the web - you won't have to wait too long to download all those songs) and solo songs from Hassan with Mar backing up - and a few covers from Joan Armatrading, REM, Miriam Makeba, and...      Thanks to the very nice and appreciative audience some of whom like Wayne and his friends we have never met before, and Joanna, her mother and sister and Rafique and his friend, not forgetting Stew, our very faithful fan and webmaster.  It was a quiet and relaxed evening and I actually made very few mistakes - chuffed about that.  Usually I fluff the words, play wrong chords, sing off key...


Saturday afternoon 24th June
12 noon until 10 pm.  No charge
Fetes De La Musique
Alliance Francaise, 15, Lorong Gurney off Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur
4 Stages of non stop music in all musical genres
50 artists and bands will be performing on this day, there's a restaurant selling suitably high quality food and lots of French people to practice your French on.
also there is OPEN MIC - see tel contact below


Conceived in France in 1982, la Fête de la Musique (Music Day) has been a much anticipated musical event every year.


Since 1996, Alliance Française de Kuala Lumpur has been hosting La Fête de la Musique in its welcoming premises.


In 2007, La Fête de la Musique is part of the French Art Festival organised by the Embassy of France and took place in Alliance Française at 15, Lorong Gurney Off Jalan Semarak 54100 KL.


Alliance Francaise de Kuala Lumpur's compounds were as usual dedicated to all musicians, to all musical trends from 12 pm to 10pm on the 24th of June 2007.  4 stages of non stop music with more than 50 bands, including Fasi, King Lhota, Jazz from France: Fallait Pas Enviter, Abstrak, Azmyl Yunor, Ariff Akhir, Y2K, Triple Six  Poser, Doppelganger, Zalila Lee, Saer Ze, Lightcraft, Markiza & Peter Brown, Revenge, Poseidon, Sasi the Don,  Jayalakshmi, Jayasree, Yuri & The Vostok, Blumps, Frequency Cannon, Beat The System, Eleanor Shotgun Story and many more performed during the event.

Markiza and Peter Brown, with Zalila Lee on percussion performed about 5 pm inside the main building.  Zalila Lee & Jerral Khor performed too.  We played for about half an hour, which was ok except that the sound was a bit overlaid with natural reverb from the bare walls.  Zal and Jerral helped us out with percussion - thanks guys.  See forthcoming gigs page for  future gigs

further information



Saturday & Sunday May 5 & 6  night.  Central Market Main Stage for the
World Press Freedom Day 2007 (Malaysia)
organised by the Centre for Independent Journalism.
Music show 7.30 onward Saturday & Sunday
ComeBack Kings (young stand up comedy act), Azmyl Yunor, Pak Pandir, Mei Chern, Modar, Tan Sei Hon, Kamasutra (RS Murthi), Shanon Shah, Carburetor Dung, Markiza and Peter Hassan Brown, Sonia Randhawa,
Art Workshop for kids, Poetry Reading, Film screening , Critical Cartoons with Zunar,
Wayang Kulit (y)

We (Markiza and I - no more Soft Touch I'm afraid) performed at Central Market for this gig celebrating World Press Freedom Day (maybe it should be renamed World Press Bondage Day - sorry to be cynical), along with the following acts: Azmyl Yunor, Carburetor Dung, Come Back Kings, Kama Sutra, Modar, Pak Pandir, Tan Sei Hon, Shanon Shah, Mei Chern, Sonia Randhawa.  In fact we opened the gig on Saturday night - a hot and dry night.  It was a good gig, partly because it took place on a BRAND NEW STAGE (on the left of the front entrance in the Car Park) with a good sound system courtesy of the Central Market.  I don't know what we sounded like but the acts I watched sounded pretty fine.  We actually got an appreciative audience (thanks to all of you who went and gave us some encouragement in the face of my poor memory for lyrics - sorry for the dries.  Markiza energetically (that's no exaggeration) slammed away on the keyboard with fingers exercised and strengthened by daily osteopathic treatments, while I strummed the usual plain chords (no Mickey Baker for me I'm afraid).  We BELTED OUT the original songs (singers don't sing in Malaysia, they BELT OUT) and one by Miriam Makeba (known apparently by some of the elders amongst the audience) called
What is Love


Buran Space Oddysee:  The Encounter
When?         24th & 25th March
Where?         Megamall Hall 1 (3rd Floor Centre)
What Time?         Sat & Sun afternoon 2 to 6
When are Soft Touch on?         Sun
Who else are performing?
Anuar Zain, Gerard Singh, Azmyl Yunor, Izzy, Yuri, Frequency Cannon, Estella, Shanon Shah & Many Others

This is probably the last Soft Touch gig (get your tissues out folks)  We performed for the last time (he really likes to rub it in doesn't he!) Better World, Listen 2 What U C and Love & Music together with two DAVID BOWIE numbers, A Space Oddity and Starman, to fit in with the main theme of the show.  There were many other fine acoustic acts, like Estrella, Arif Akhir, and Izzy Mohamed with our Rhythm section in her band - sounded very cool indeed.  Just the ones I recall but there were others.  Jeremy Lim played guitar instead of Wong who had already left the band in January.  Thanks Jeremy, and to Alex and Alda for their prodigious work for ST. 
Henceforth we (M & I) shall carry on as a duo.


As it turned out this gig was not performed at the advertised venue but at the Laundry Bar in The Curve shopping centre in Mutiara Damansara.  The original venue's managers pulled out at the last minute (1.30 on Sunday morning) giving no reason.  Nevertheless the gig went well, thanks to some fine bands and singers, personable presenters like Erin and Prakash and not forgetting poor Jasemaine who bore the brunt of the skewed arrangement which were not hers or the organisers' fault.  The gig was triumphantly brought to a close by Diplomats of Drums who are about nine drummers and a bag-pipe player.  Soft Touch was helped out by Zal on percussion as only Mar and PH could make it from the band.  We hope that at the end of the day the children's home received a handsome donation.



part two

3 pm until 9 pm



Lower Lobby Melia Hotel

16, Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur

(opposite Times Square Shopping Centre)

Entrance: RM15 including 1 drink


 NAO  www.myspace.com/isnao

AUBURN  www.myspace.com/auburnangels

THE RHAMAN  www.myspace.com/therhaman 

ZIEL  www.soundclick.com/ziel

KLUK KLUK ADVENTURE  www.kluksters.net

CITIZENS OF ICE CREAM  www.myspace.com/citizensoficecream

STONEBAY  www.myspace.com/stonebay

INDKA  www.myspace.com/indka

ABSTRAK  (featuring Zarul from D_va)  www.myspoace.com/abstrakhinggakebulan



{Motivations} Nature, seasons, stories, random expressive urges, concepts, love, ideas, people, organic music, artificial intelligence & general disinformation ... *WE ARE BUT THE MEDIUM*  What does the music sound like? Sounds Like Heart gravy.   Experimental grunge with delicate, ethereal vocals - so a strange but fascinating combination of soft and hard

The Rhaman was established in 2005. Initially they were 4 individuals who shared interest in music and the mystic world.   With the desire to experiment with the local music style, Hafidz and Ewin invited Hayan and Adik to complete the lineup in their pre-band setup. This lead to the start of The Rhaman with Hafidz on vocals and rhythm guitar, Adik on lead guitar, Hayan with his dynamic bass playing, and Ewin on the drums. In their recordings, they had Abong playing the keyboard and Yuyun on vocals.

Inspired by the 60s sound, local music and the vocal mood of the ever 90's emotional bundle generation, The Rhaman applied these characteristic in their composition.
In the opinion that the local music circuitry is overflowing with overseas influences, this had opened their eyes to take the initiative to use Bahasa Melayu to interact between The Rhaman, their music and YOU.

 The Kuching-based underground band started circa 1995 by 4 best friends who were neighbours; Rudy Christopher (Guitars/ Vocals), Barnabas 'Barney' Dimbab (Guitars), Paul Mosher (Bass) and Kenrick Keaton (Drums). Soon, they were covering songs from the likes of Nirvana to Smashing Pumpkins; Sepultura and Helmet.
These musical styles have so influenced their music and the development of their individual abilities that after roughly 2 years, they decided it was time to write their own material. Rudy took the initiative as the main songwriter and architect of the band's sound. Eventually Barney left the band around mid 96' for other passions/obligations. .
The band has since, functioned primarily as a three piece with Rudy as the sole guitarist and vocalist. Their very first gig was at Jupiter in 97'  Since then, Rudy and his boys carved themselves a niche on the Kuching underground scene.  They played ID31Aug99 (organized by members of FVKT.cum and held in conjunction with Borneo Xtreme Games), Sarawak Metal Force (I &II held by members of VORMIT), Cat City Live 2000 (opening for Butterfingers) and the Borneo International Tattoo Convention.  These and many other performances helped Indka establish their sound and gain an avid cult following; an accolade all too rare in the Malaysia local music scene. 
Their sound is skull-crushingly heavy and yet grooved with a ferocious tenacity like James Brown dying of constipation. This was a dark brooding contrast to the hype-laden, nu-metal wannabies that permeated the scene at that time. Indka continues to loom incomparable and impenetrable to the wave of trend-hopping fecal excuses for bands.
Long-time friend and pace-maker of the band; Kenrick left in 2003 and was replaced by Rudy's close friend, fellow songwriter, lead guitarist and leader of fusion/funk/metal band FVKT.cum; Alex Ang, who took on Indka to challenge his exceptional drumming abilities and quench his unfathomable thirst for music. 
However, Alex had already based himself in Kuala Lumpur, and the numerous jams he and Rudy made to flesh out new material, took place during the holiday seasons of 2003. The result was two performances off the island, the Liquid gig in KL city (Jan 05) and Paul’s Place in Old Klang Road (August 05). In early 2006 Rudy moved in to Alex’s apartment in Damansara and they have of late commenced work on songs for Indka’s debut release. After 11 years of musical persistence, the two anticipate the end product will be nothing short of colossal.

Formed in 98 in Johor Bahru, the band was named after the misadventures of a same named character, a figment of sharil's wild imagination.   5 extremely different individuals were brought together by the love of making music. played countless gigs, had a great time, almost gave up, had line up problems a couple of times, but hey! it's 2006 and we're still together.   Even though half of us are in KL and the other half is in JB, we're still making music! still fighting! still getting frustrated! but we're working on it!

Update:   Bai has left the band, due to personal matters. The 4 of are still here however and still struggling- so we hope for your continued support! :)   Once again. It's been 8 years and most of the faces in our friend list are the same faces that have been around from the start, so we thank you. And for the new ones, we thank you too :)


If all that you wish to achieve, all that you desire, all that you wish would happen, were transformed as a whole into an ice-cream. And just as you think you could take one bite of it, it melts. And so you wish, hope and dream endlessly, until all your frustrations and hopes give presence to another fictional, beautiful, sweet ice-cream-like dream...   Let frustration be your drive, let the "ice-cream" be all that you hope for, even if you "know" it's impossible, "believe" is the reason you dwell, the excuse for your devotion. Hopes and desires make us "Citizens of Ice-Cream".

Citizens of Ice-Cream Demo now available at Awakening Studio!!   Influences:   Broken Social Scene, Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky, Radiohead, Portishead, The Album Leaf, Slow Dive, Pink Floyd, and the list goes on...


Nao are amazing - a band with a lead microphonist and guitarist who sings, recites and harangues in Chinese, makes up these epic pieces of music and plays like ...not quite like anyone you've ever heard before.  It's splendid stuff with a lot of convoluted ingenuity and long instrumental passages, full of successively different styles and moods Influences: a lot of band from CHINA.  Sounds Like:  metal, rock, grunge... you name it 

Tat's lyrics (more on his site)

Not even men of legends can move the light-devouring mountain
'Tis the tombstone of freedom, the monolith of power.
'Tis the hole of buried blood, the grave of racial massacre
We see brave men stepping up
Only to be buried in its greedy sea of fire
Some lose their honour, some leave their conscience
They sacrifice their lives only to appease this grave of decadence
O' Priests! Free them spirits of justice!
O' Monks! Pray for them ghosts of honesty!
O' you people! With your ignorance and apathy,
Fill this mortal world of more ghosts of honour!

(A mockery to the ignorance and apathy of Malaysian society)

Doggies do not ask, do not speak, do not question any problems
Doggies do not stand, do not forward, do not turn left or right
Doggies do not dissent, do not gather, do not know right from wrong
Doggies do not cross, do not change, do not ask for their rights
Doggies are forever the slaves for their masters
Doggies are forever the watchers of their treasures
Doggies only live by wagging their tails
Doggies only live in their tiny little cages
Hear thy masters, and do what they speak,
humans are doggies, and doggies are humans.

(A critique of the extreme violation in Malaysia's freedom of speech)


Ditubuhkan pada Disember 2005 oleh Zarul (bekas kumpulan d-Va) dan Kusha. kumpulan baru yang berkonsepkan alternative rock. Mereka selalu memainkan lagu-lagu cover daripada Pink,Puffy Amiyumi,Asobi Seksu,Green Day dan Gwen Stefani.

Abstrak banyak mendapat undangan gig dan dinner show disekitar Lembah Kelang dan walaupun usia band ini sungguh muda,tetapi band ini ternyata sangat matang dari segi permainan dan muziknya. Menerusi label mereka PRODUKSI RUNUT BUNYI

Abstrak merakamkan album debut mereka di studio Avenue One di Cheras. Mengandungi sepuluh buah lagu dan dijangka mula menemui pasaran pada bulan January 2007 nanti. Setakat ini 5 buah lagu dijangka menjadi single kepada band ini iaitu Menanti,Cinta Ini Milik Kita dan Jadi Superstar. Setakat ini single Menanti telah pun mendapat airplay yang bagus di semua corong-corong radio. 


Ziel was formed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the fall of 2003. Currently based in Den Haag, The Netherlands. Our sound can be categorized as Hard Rock, running on a blend of Hard Rock, Metal, Nu-Metal, Punk, Funk and Blues. The band is currently busy finalizing a 11 track independent album under Village Roof Enterprise.

Why this name?
The reason we took "ziel" as our band name is because there is a lot of soul in our music and our lyrics focus on the blood, sweat and tears of the soul. ziel is the dutch word for soul.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet helps musicians reach out and gives us the chance to send our message to more people, easier, hoping that the listener relates to our music. mp3's help us give the listener our music in a small file that does not take up too much space and carry it around in small mp3 players that they may take anywhere.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If the terms suited us, we would sign with a major label, however, we like how things are running now.

Your influences?
influences range from metallica to guns n roses to the goo goo dolls We've been told that we sound like PearJam, Metallica, Thearapy?, Butterfingers....

Your recording?  Our recording was done at the Village Roof Enterprise (Malaysia) garage studio on a Roland VS2000cd, editing and some of the vocals recorded were done at S.A.E. Rotterdam, NL.


The band was formed with its original line-up circa 1996-97. Consisting of only 3 band members, Stonebay was a mere high-school friends’ band in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah who shared the passion of playing the same genre of music, ROCK. As time flies, Ojie (the vocalist cum guitarist of the band) realized how fulfilling music can be once he unleashed his imagination and was witnessing it come to fruition. With that in mind, Stonebay started playing all original composition of songs and developed music writing skills related to their personal/everyday experience.

          Unfortunately, Stonebay didn’t get much exposure to the Sabahan underground music scene and due to academics commitments; the band’s activities somehow became dormant. While in college, Ojie met a KL native by the name of Dicky Adrian who had the similar passion towards music making and quickly, the two became friends.

          In 2002, most of the band members were scattered around KL and the two decided to reunite. Stonebay started to enter band competitions and later, gigs all over KL with the help of some new friends filling in the bass and drums duties. They received a warm welcome from local existing bands and media throughout the years and until today, striving towards improvisation and more importantly, sharing the love with fans and friends alike.

Members Position: Awangku Huzriuden (Ojie) – Vocals and Guitars; Dicky Adrian Adenan– Guitars and Co-Vocals; Roy Joeffry Joroh – Bass; Mohd Hazreq – Drums

This show went very well with all the nine bands playing so well and the sound system so good engineered by Gerard.  Thanks Gerard and thank you bands and thanks most of all to Calvin and Brian for lending their premises in the Plush Melia Hotel Lower Lobby and supplying Sound System specially and paying each band RM100.  It was a great gig (even tho Soft Touch didn't play).  Bands that played: Kluk Kluk Adventure, Abstrak, Nao (pronounced "Now"), Citizens of Ice Cream, The Rhaman, Stonebay, Auburn, Indka and Ziel.  Thanks so much