DoppelgangerKL Open Mic + Gig + SwapMeet Bazaar
Sunday, December 26 · 12:00pm - 6:00pm

Palate Palette ( )
21 Jalan Mesui
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Created By
Doppelganger Open Mic Open Stage

12.00pm Swap Meet Check-in & Open Mic
Atlanta Fall
...1.00pm Iced T Band
1.15pm Never Early
1.30pm Megat Salleh
1.45pm Embarrassed Smile
2.00pm Ramona Azween
2.15pm Fazz
2.30pm Senoritas
2.45pm Otam
3.00pm Definitely Maybe
- break -
3.45pm Anuar Avecina
4.00pm Ariff AB
4.15pm George Wong
4.30pm Reza Salleh
4.45pm The D.I.A.
5.00pm Izzy Mohd
5.30pm Az Samad
6.00pm Amirah Ali
6.15pm Peter Hassan Brown & Markiza
6.30pm Dyan Tai
6.45pm Shh... Diam!

It'll be MAD Boxing Day edition of friends getting together + music, poetry and short films. The acoustic gig will feature some of KLANG VALLEY's rising acts - handpicked talents who will be featured in the Doppelganger Compilation Album 2010. So don't miss this last gig of the year!

Save the planet! Let's recycle. Come join us at the Doppelganger Community 2nds Swap Meet Bazaar! 2nd hand stuff & new things. ONLY MUSIC + VIDEO GAMES related stuff please. Tees are fine, so long as it's related to the theme k. Remember, this is not about the value of the goods. It's about finding a home for your pre-loved item. Item categories will be announced soon. No clothes unless it's related to music or games k. Check-in your items and get your Doppelganger Tokens to start swapping.

Entry Fee: Only RM10
(bring 10 items and you get in for FREE)

Check out our blog for more updates:
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this was a fine gig organised by the lovely Jaz Low at the lovely Palate Palette restaurant with loads of great talent
We were honoured to be part of the team, thanks Jaz and Su AnnAz Samad here for a brief visit captinated the audience with his oh-so-clever-lah acoustic guitar skills and amazing creativity.  But oh-so-many-lah I cannot describe the whole show.  Amirah and her band, Izzy and her band, Reza Salleh, Shh ...Diam.  Very convivial end of year gig and lots of things to buy and swap.  We played our three songs with the most grateful help of Wong Lip Kee on guitar

at ARTISTA December 6th 9.00 pm. Free entry! BE THERE!
Tropicana City Mall, Damansara Highway on way to NKVE

Hey hey hey,

M.A.N.G.G.A sessions simply stands for 'Music & Art Nurturing Gigs Gone Anal'. It is a gig that consist of musicians, comedians, poets and other forms of artistic performers. The aim of 'M.A.N.G.G.A sessions' is to promote a healthy culture of music & art appreciations amongst our society.

Its Monday again soon and M.AN.G.G.A Sessions are back but this time around we're venturing into a bigger scale which is the MANGG...
A MUSIC & ART FESTIVAL with an awesome lot of musicians andthe performing arts bunch!!!

M.A.N.G.G.A Music & Art Festival will be going on for 2 days which are on the 6th and 13th of December. In this festival we not only have musicians or bands showcasing their work but we have graffiti crew members getting their work done LIVE on the spot for everyone to check out..besides that we have online blogshop owners who are our young entrepreneur giving out awesome discounts and promo for their product of display during the festival!!!

The most important of all, we're selling all cds from many different bands around..!! Promoting LOCAL MUSIC guys..=)

Musicians that will be on our M.A.N.G.G.A Music & Art Festival Day 1 are :

~ Paid In Fiction

~ Markiza & Peter Hassan featuring Wong Lip Kee (2/3rds of Soft Touch)

~ Ray Cheong

~ Red Ruby Avengers

~ Bedroom Sanctuary

~ Ariff AB

~ Azmyl Yunor

and our special guest :

~ Andrew Lee (the magician)

During the festival you can also check out our other than live music scene :

~ Mini Flea Market

~ Graffti Artists (getting it on live)

~ Made In Malaysia Audio Cds ( cds of the local band/musicians around)

Also like every other M.A.N.G.G.A Sessions there'll be a MASSIVE jam session. All musicians who wanna come over and jam, COME ON UP!!! Its gonna be an awesome night!!!

Therefore, make yourselves FREE on the 6th of Dec 2010 to come chillout with us and have fun!! (oh oh, pls block ur 13th as well for the Day 2)

See ya all there!!!!

ARTISTA, Lot G-13 , Tropicana City Mall, No 3, Jln SS20/27  Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 47400
Phone:  +603-77106585 (reservations)

DoppelgangerKL Boxing Day Gig + SwapMeet

26th December 2010
Palate Palette ( 21 Jalan Mesui Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Doppelganger KL Open Mic Open Stage presents... an evening of music, poetry and short films. Expect to experience a show brought to you by the BEST 15 handpicked talents in the Klang Valley. These acts will be featured in the Doppelganger Compilation Album 2010. So don't miss this last gig of the year!

Save the planet! Let's recycle. Come join us at the Doppelganger Community 2nds Swap Meet Bazaar! 2nd hand stuff & new things. ON...
LY MUSIC + VIDEO GAMES related stuff please. Tees are fine, so long as it's related to the theme k. Remember, this is not about the value of the goods. It's about finding a home for your pre-loved item. Item categories will be announced soon. No clothes unless it's related to music or games k. Check-in your items and get your Doppelganger Tokens to start swapping.

Entry Fee: RM10 per person gets you free entertainment & start swapping.

1.00pm Check-in
2.00pm Short film screening
3.00pm Doppelganger Open Mic
4.00pm Doppelganger Gig

Az Samad
An Honest Mistake
Once Upon a Time there was a Sausage Named Bob
The Tick
A Ruthless Cleansing
George Wong
Shazet Beatboxer
Definitely Maybe
Markiza & Peter Hassan
and more!


Monday 1.11.10  ARTISTA BAR & RESTAURANT, TROPICANA CITY MALL (next to Kenny Rogers on 1st floor) about 9.00 pmMARKIZA N PETER BROWN and other acts to be confirmed.  Every week in fact this show takes place, called M.A.N.G.G.A. courtesy of musician and super-organiser Ray Cheong, so come along and check it out as they say.  This show we shall have SOFT TOUCH - yes the entire band!!! But with guest guitarist RAY CHEONG, as well as KEVIN and ALDA - imagine what a treat for you boys and girls - this will be a great honour as all the members are very fine musicians and in demand, so very busy with their music and other activities such as recording and producing ... Kevin's band An Honest Mistake has just released their first album.  Tropicana City Mall is on the way to New Klang Valley Express Way toll along the Damansara Highway, on the left just before you go over the flyover at Damansara Utama.  Yes it was a good gig, with Ray playing some stunning guitar especially on the Tim Buckley song Pleasant Street and Alda and Kevin doing their best too, and thanks to Steve for doing the sound too


Friday 12. November at Actors' Studio Theatre, Lot 10 Shopping Centre, corner of
Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Sultan Ismail
8.30 pm.  Featuring Janet Lee, Ariff Akhir,  Malik Taufiq, Markiza & Peter Brown.

 This was something different to remind us of our pub singing days - covers galore by four different artists all on stage with their back-up singers and musicians (except for us and Ariff)  Janet sang a lovely version of Man in the Mirror with choral backing, and Malik was really good too with the Cranberries covers.  Ariff did Wonderwall and that sent the audience  up to the ceiling.  We did Big Yellow Taxi, and Fleetwood Mac's Don't Stop, and everyone including the performers enjoyed it immensely.  And Brandon took the pics (see facebook for more pics)

pic courtesy of  Brandon Lim - note wonderful quality of the photo - thanks Brandon (you can find him on facebook)


Sunday 17.10.10UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA, Lecture Hall B, Faculty of of Economics , and Administration as part of the ECO FILM FEST  All week previous to this weekend will be shown many interesting and urgent films about environmental concerns, some local Malaysian, some International, and there will be live music on Saturday and Sunday.  We shall be performing around 6.00 pm.  For full details visit their website  (see below for more info)
We performed our environmental songs for this gig:  Prayer for the Future, (written way back in 1987 when we were already concerned about environmental degradation), Better World, Losing Nature (based on an article in The Star by Chong Sheau Ching), Change of Heart (also from our first album "Open Secret") and last but not least - still being recorded by Wong although most of it is tracked, but still needs to be mixed etc) - Like a Polar Bear.  It was late in the afternoon when we played but those who were still there including many who were manning stalls selling or displaying exhibits seemed to like our show - thanks so much to Yasmin and Fadly for doing so much work for this event.

Sunday 10.10.10.  BOULEVARD, TIMES SQUARE, all day (12-7pm) FEYST WORLD OPEN MIC.  Open Mic show featuring as well as MARKIZAH N PETER BROWN a whole bevy of boys and girls performing their own stuff.  The bill includes 2Storey Heart, Amirah Ali, Chill Pease, choon, C-Teena band, Dzamira, Farai Hughgrie, Fazz, George Wielgus, Halfway Kings, Iced Tea, Kimmy Kim, Crony, Minz, Mon Sons, Nick Chim, Psytrus & the Third Party, The Bananas, The Tick, Til I Die, Two Wongs Don't Make a Wright, Works of Reverse - but there's no Bill - its all FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!! (part of Indie Youth Festival - - see below for full week's program)  We shall be performing around 6.00 pm
This was a real pagent, in front of Times Square huge and stately shopping complex - you can see some photos if you type in Rentak Sejuta into your google and go to the 2nd listing down.  Thanks to Jaz Low, Anastasia and others who ran the show.  We got a very good response from the audience which included George Wielgus and Amirah Ali and her American hubby - a fine saxophonist.  Still just the two of us but it seemed to be enough, and the sound guys did a good job and were open to suggestions - thanks guys (yes that's a photo of us playing there, on the index page, tucked under the small outdoor stage, taken by Kumar the Dragon, from Rentak Sejata - thank you so much Kumar! - doing a good job for alternative music)

Rojak Sessions are back.!!!
This time around, our great,wonderful and talented musicians are :

If you attended the Rojak Sessions #1 and  enjoyed it, DO come back!! For those who missed it the last time. no  worries ITS  OK..COME for this one..!!
Head on down to Laila's on the 11th of July  2010 and have fun with us!!

Laila's Cafe & Lounge, B-7-1,  Blk B Plaza Kelana Jaya Jln. SS7/13A,  47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Sunday, July 11, 2010 at 9:30pm
For  further info and reservations please  call : 03 78776787


Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 June, 10 am to 9 pm
KL Sentral Station, main foyer (facing the hotels)
open to the general public
Exhibition on refugee issues for awareness raising, refugee bazaar and cultural display from the refugee communities, performances by refugees from Myanmar, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Sri Lanka, traditional games from the refugee communities.  Performances by Malaysian Celebrities supporting the refugee cause.

Markiza and Peter Hassan will be performing Saturday & Sunday 19th & 20th June about 10.00 am

This World Refugee Day, Walk a Mile in a Refugee's Shoes
What's it like to be a refugee? To witness your family torn apart by
war and conflict? To lose everything you value - family, friends, your
home - and be forced to flee in order to save your life? To travel
hundreds of miles, on foot through dense jungles and in leaking boats
across dangerous seas?

This is a journey made by millions of refugees as they flee war,
conflict, human rights abuses and persecution. People often
misunderstand who a refugee is, thinking that they are migrants looking
for economic opportunities. The truth is refugees have no choice but to
run, and are unable to return home safely.

In Malaysia, as of June 2010, there are some 88,100 refugees and
asylum-seekers registered with the UN Refugee Agency. The majority of
them from Myanmar, but many also from other countries around the world
including Sri Lanka, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Their journey, and the journey made by millions of other refugees
worldwide, is one that is hard for us to imagine. What we know is that
in the wake of having lost everything, refugees have an incredible
courage and perseverance to remain steadfast and positive in their will
to survive. But they need our compassion and understanding and a
humanitarian space to be able to rebuild their lives in safety anddignity.

20 June is World Refugee Day. It is a salute to the indomitable spirit
and courage of the world’s refugees. World Refugee Day 2010 puts a
human face to the refugee issue, that behind the numbers and statistics
are real people with real stories and real dreams and desires for a life of safety.

What's it like to be a refugee? Walk a mile in a refugee's shoes and
experience the lives of refugees at the World Refugee Day celebration at
the KL Sentral Station on 19 and 20 June 2010 from 10.00am till 4.00pm,
organised by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

Visitors will get a chance to experience the journey a refugee makes,
and to see what it's like to live as a refugee in Malaysia. Enjoy a
refugee bazaar, refugee performances, meet celebrities, win exclusive
UNHCR merchandise and more. Free admission.

Visit or call 03 2141 1322 for more information.

Markiza and Peter Hassan performing at the Benefit "Heh - That's Not Your Bass" at No Black Tie 3rd June 2010
The bassist is Alda Tan.  The whole of Soft Touch played that night, including Kevin Theng (drums) and Wong Lip Kee
(guitar).  Pic by Nazri.  For video of the 2 songs we played, Better World and Listen 2 what U C click HERE

Charity Bazaar
Heh!  What do you know?  We are playing on Sunday 9th May for this Charity Bazaar at Bangsar Shopping Centre (Bring Supplementary Cash) at about 12.00 pm (that is Midday).  We (Markiza and Peter Hassan Brown) shall be playing 2 songs (more miserable laments about the state of the World - go on, punish yourselves for being so fortunate).  There will be other acts so never fear - like for example FIGURE OF SPEECH (radical rap - punchy stuff and hard hitting) and many others too numerous to mention (I would mention them if I knew who they were).
The whole bazaar goes from 10 am til 5 pm Saturday and Sunday 8th and 9th May, sponsored by BRDB, brought to you by VIVA PALESTINA MALAYSIA (Free Palestine! End the Occupation!)  There'll be lots of stuff, quizzes and art contests for kids (see flyer below)


Lepaq, 1st floor, right at the end, Kelana Mall, behind Giant Giant Supermarket
Saturday, May 1, 2010
9.30pm  - 11:55pm
Greetings  dearest Lepaqianz..frenz,fans and  foes....
come 1st May  Dewa Lepaq will be releasing his debut single  'harapan palsu'..
the  showcase will also be featuring his other originals such as  ', 
'five fingers and a dime', 'perfect', 'god the rock star' and many  more..come down to
LEPAQ KELANA MALL and make it a blasterlicious  evening with  DEWA LEPAQ..
not forgetting to support all the 'UNKNOWNS'  that will be performing  that nite.THE PERFORMERS ARE:
limited  50 copies of the single  'Harapan Palsu'  will be on sale at the  door on the nite of the  the 1st to own it...!!!
LEPAQ  awaits your ARRIVAL dis 1st of May  2010..
a  place like no other
This night's show was the last performance ever at LEPAQ which closed down, much to the disappointment of eager musicians and music lovers

Hassan Peter Brown performing at 7.00 pm Palms Skypark Terminal on Sunday 2 May
(old Terminal 3 at Subang Airport)
Other artists as well.  6.00 pm onwards (c below).
Doppelganger Open Mic @ Palms Grill  SkyPark Terminal
date: Sunday, May 2, 2010
time: 2:00pm  - 10:00pm
location: The Subang Old Airport aka Terminal  3
Calling bands, short filmmakers, poets. We want  YOU for  the Labour Day show. What are we celebrating? Our hard  work. And... The season  kickstart of
FEYST10 (the 3rd INDEPENDENT  YOUTH FESTIVAL 2010 in conjunction  with Digital Delirium Xpo, 
Go International E-Sports Cup, Electronic Sports  World Cup 2010  Malaysia &amp; DreamHack 2010 Malaysia). Themed  'Connectivity', 
the season will be declared ON &amp; ROLLS OUT from 2 May  2010  until end of November 2010. Full details to be revealed on 2 May,  2010
Event: Indie Youth Fest Season Roll-out
When?  2nd May 2010.  2.00-6.00pm.
Where? SkyPark Terminal SAAS Airport.
Event  Doppelganger  Open Mic.
When? 2nd May 2010. 6.00-10.00pm.
Where?  Palms Grill @ SkyPark  Terminal SAAS Airport.
Performers  Car Crash Hearts, Figure of Speech, Peter Hassan Brown

Under the giant mic at Palms Grill and Restaurant (with my new guitar!)



1 May 2010
2.00 pm    One Cafe Kuala Lumpur   RM10 if you're a voter, RM20 if not registered
        bands:  Kyoto Protocol  Goodbye 20th Century  Punahramah  Nao   
Rollin' Sixers
One Cafe is along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (Chow Kit), the same row as Tune Hotel.

8 May 2010   2.00 pm    Soundmaker Studio Pulau Pinang
15 May 2010 2.00 pm    City Plaza Johor Bahru   
22 May 2010 2.00 pm    Malaya Studio Ipoh   


Earth Day on April 22, 2010!
Markiza & Peter Brown - green gigs
(more about it below)
Thursday 22 April 8.00 pm Ikano Power Centre, Mutiara Damansara (opp. Curve)
Saturday 24 April 9.00 pm For Fresh People, 6 Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru,
Kuala Lumpur (with Wong Lip Kee - guitar)
Sunday 25 April 4.00 pm Ikano Power Centre, Mutiara Damansara (opp. Curve)

Peter Brown makes a fool of himself
Peter Brown aka Hassan Peter Brown will make a fool of himself in public on
Friday 23rd April
at 8.00 pm at the
Lepaq Restaurant, Kelana Mall
behind the Giant Giant supermarket in section SS6, Kelana Jaya which is off the highway there (beyond Kelana Jaya LRT station).  That is, he is entering the competition called BATTLE OF THE ACOUSTICS, along with several other bands and acoustic artists.  He will be performing 2 songs completely on his own without the musical assistance of his wife Markiza (foolhardiness in the extreme!) - in fact with just his guitar and harmonica and voice, without assistance of any kind.  This might be because he is getting old and a bit soft in the head, but if you would like to be witness to this bizarre experience, it is totally free.  The restaurant has a good sound system and there will be plenty of music in different styles courtesy of all the competitors.  The restaurant serves food and soft drinks, but no alcohol, so hope you enjoy the evening.  Incidentally there is LIVE MUSIC every night of the week at Lepaq except Sundays when they are closed.  or
Otherwise  if you feel this is too risque, there is another gig called Rocking for the Environment on the same night (Friday 23rd April) at Little Havana, Changkat Raja Chulan, KL featuring BenchMarx, Kyoto Protocol, and the redoubtable Reza Salleh.  But this one will cost you RM30 BUCKS!!  But don't worry, it's for CHARITY to save the DUGONG otherwise known as the Sea Cow which like so many of the wonderful species of the EARTH is close to extinction thanks to man and his relentless and ineluctable activities.  Also the bands are good.  Kyoto Protocol was runner-up in the Global Battle of ther Bands contest late last year, Reza Salleh is one of Malaysia's finest singer-songwriters and BenchMarx - well you have to experience these well-seasoned fellas.  Start time 8.00 pm.  For further info visit the event on Facebook.

Turn yourself Green!
Come join 4 days of fun, inspirations and green actions. @ For Fresh People, 6 Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur 59000.  (program below)
We (Markiza and Peter Brown) shall be playing our many green songs
(covers and originals with the help of guitarist from Soft Touch Wong Lip Kee)
on Saturday 24th April from 9.00 pm onwards
go to this site:  -  there is a map contained therein
Green Workshops . Fun Booths . Kid's Games .
Music Performances . Environmental Movies Screening .
Bangsar Nature Walk . Mini Rock Climbing and more!
Take Action! Be Part of the Movement!
Spread the news, infect all your friends with the Green fever on
22nd April Thursday   
Talks & Movies 8pm – 11pm                        
Join the rest of the world on Earth Day and jump start your green heart with Alam Flora’s tips on
“Recycling at Home” and Al Gore’s “The Inconvenient Truth”
23rd April Friday 
Talks & Movies 8pm – 11pm                
Tackle “Climate Change” issues with Malaysian representative at Copenhagen Summit and
Leonardo Di Caprio’s “The 11th Hour”
24th April Saturday  
Fun Booth, Kids Games, Green Workshops, Movies & Concerts  11am – 11pm 
Turn up the Green fever with popular green symposium “Awakening the Dreamer” from America for FREE! And find out how “94 Condo Units in KL Become Green” with easy recycling program. Free your spirit and chill out with green musicians “Markiza and Peter Brown” all night long (well not quite... ).
25th April Sunday    
Nature Walk, Fun Booth, Kids Games, Green Workshops, Movies & Concerts  7am – 11pm 
Rediscover nature at your backyard, join “Bangsar Nature Walk” with family and friends. Enjoy all day green fun booths, kids games and Mini Rock Climbing. Celebrate event finale with evening Acapella Choir and Drama Play in the Greenroom. 
For more program details go to
Have a FRESH day

Check out the Earth Day Carnival at  IKANO POWER CENTRE Concourse 22nd to 25th April
Learn and take home key messages about the Environment.  Film shows and many booths and exhibitions by various International and local environmental organisations - World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), EcoKnights and Gerai Orang Asli, organic products and wares made of Earth friendly waste substances (such as plates and bowls made of Rye-husk).  Come and explore fun ways to learn and contribute towards saving the planet and making it better.  10 am til 10 pm.  Markiza and Peter Brown will be performing their eco-songs and eco-covers on the stage near the Cold Storage supermarket Thursday 22nd April at around 8.00 pm and
Sunday 25th April at 4.00 pm


Lemang Music presents

Saturday Afternoon Acoustic Show



Saturday 27th March 2010 (next weekend!!!)

start: 2.00 pm @ Solaris Dutamas off Jalan Duta, on the left as you go up to Jalan Ipoh and Sentul from Sentral and the Highway,
nr Wilayah Mosque and Govt. office blocks

Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 2:00pm
Solaris Dutamas
Jalan Dutamas 1, off Jalan Duta, on the left as you go up to Jalan Ipoh and Sentul from Sentral and the Highway, nr Wilayah Mosque and Govt. office blocks.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MAP is opening its doors on the 27th of March 2010 with a 2-day arts festival. Activities include music, art, sculpture, performances, installations, talks, workshops and art markets alongside social and individual empowerment activities. The festival will introduce MAP’s two spaces: a 6,000 sq ft gallery and a 200-seater experimental theatre named the White Box and Black Box respectively.

In the works is an exciting program of community oriented activities that encompasses the widest possible diversity of creative content. MAP will provide opportunities for arts and cultural producers from multidisciplinary backgrounds. As a meeting point between artists, curators, critics and the public, it will serve as a catalyst for the exchange and exploration of contemporary ideas.

MAP is located in Solaris Dutamas. Details can be obtained via their website, or call Alex Yong at 019-3222932, Erna Dyanty at 012-2310961 or Sze at 013-3330852.

Free Admission to all events


further details please contact or phone 0193688130
for past gigs reports and pics please return to index page
and click on appropriate year