Free Style Jam @ Emporium Grande Cafe
March 2nd 2003

Soft Touch never got to play in ElectroMagnetism 2 because of important committments of band members. Their last big engagement was on March 2nd at the Emporium Grande Cafe. We had some problems with the sound, and when I listen to the recording, what's really wrong is that the snare is way too loud, which is unfair on Mokhtar 'cause it makes it sound as though he is doing nothing more interesting than hitting the snare in time with the bar. However people of - dare I say "discerning taste" seemed to like the show and we had a good review of the show in ROTTW - April 2003 edition - and a picture to boot! (written and taken by Salma Datia - thanks Salma)

However she repeated the mistake that Markiza made in announcing a song "Return to Forever" (which we are planning to put on a future album if we get per from EMI). Markiza told everyone the song was by Chick Corea (Heh! very cool, that means that Soft Touch was actually playing JAZZ that night - which means we might be eligible to be written about in Men's Review, The Malaysian Tatler and other classy mags!) Actually the song is by Dick Rudolf and Randy Waldman and was recorded by the late great Minnie Riperton (her of the stratospheric voice if you remember), who had Stevie Wonder featuring on her album pseudonymed "The Black Bull"

I wish we could have Stevie Wonder play on our album.

Okay, come down to Earth (that part of it called Malaysia - more specifically Jalan P. Ramlee, KL) to the Emporium. That night we also performed "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac, and various Passion songs (Crescendo, Vacant Eyes, Meeting of Minds) and "Move on Down the Line" from WARM, "Listen to What you See" and "Better World"

Electro-Magnetism 2
March 8th 2003
at Paul's Place
105M Jln SS21/1A
Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya.

This was the first alt gig to be held at Paul's Place, and consisted of D_va (pronouced "Diva"), Abe du Bango, Tempered Mental and Dragon Red (Soft Touch had to pull out due to members exams). D_va entertained with a selection of mostly Malay language songs, mostly covers which brought cheers from the audience, few in numbers but very appreciative . They performed two of their own songs written by guitarist Zairul, who also shared singing roles with their new female singer Farina. Abe du Bango had better sound; their songs were strong on melody and very satisfying. Tempered Mental awed people with their instrumental and vocal (in the case of Melina - especially amazing the way she plays complex running bass arrangements while singing) skills, in fact I never heard them before sounding better - there was more warmth and expression in Melina's voice - a fine set.

Finally Dragon Red showed how charismatic it's possible to be with their hybrid style of music: nu metal grafted onto rap-core, but with a lot of fun and humour which made their act very entertaining as well as musically hard-hitting. They ended the hight with "Fade Away" which is really more-ish. These guys will go far I am thinking...
(visit their website, it's really cool ! - see below)



ICOM & Blue Planet
14th & 15th March 2003

SOFT TOUCH (or rather two fifths of them) (Markiza and HP alone) performed at two gigs,
at ICOM on Friday and Blue Planet on Saturday which went down very well, and also featured W.I.T.T., Qings & Kueens, Saiful of Y2K, Khaimano (brilliant) and other bands with wierd names I cannot remember.
We had an encore at the BP and we added "Love & Music" to the set, which was a bit tough on Markiza because we hadn't rehearsed it as an acoustic song for a long time. It's always easier with the band because you don't have to do so much. Although the audience was few it was very nice to be appreciated.
Thanks people and to Markiza for putting up with my arbitrary on-the-spot repertoire decision making.

The Friday gig was part of the Music for the Masses series at ICOM. You get good sound there and all the bands, Estranged, Fifth Room and Khaimano sounded good even though the drums took on a life of their own during Khaimano's set much to Ariff's consternation. But it was a side-splitting performance and NO CENSORSHIP (thanks Khai). Even we sounded okay I think (sounded good on stage - you could hear everything clearly). We played "Meeting of Minds", "Prayer for the Future", "Crazy Heart" (from WARM), and anti-war songs "Path of Love" (from Love & Music) and "Better World" (also from WARM). And we actually sold a few albums - thanks buyers, hope you're enjoying them.

Hologram Launch By Tan Sri Dato' Muhyiddin
10th April 2003

Bintang Walk (outside Lot10 Shopping Complex) Kuala Lumpur
Organised by the Malaysian government and RIM (Recording Industry Association of Malaysia).

SOFT TOUCH (or some of them, notably I'joo, Markiza and Peter) performed at this open air gig outside Lot 10 Shopping Mall which was a publicity effort for the government's latest scheme to combat music piracy. We started off with "Love and Music" which admittedly in its early stages is a bit of a dirge, but the audience was fairly content. Then Markiza, high on too much coffee, spotted Alang (drummer with Men Under Zero Effort) in the audience and insisted he join us. It was a great success (thanks tons Alang) and the audience loved it (I think). We performed "Meeting of Minds", "Better World" and "Listen to What you See".

17th May 2003
Avalanche, Custom Daisy, Disagree, Fawnna, Men
Under Zero Effort, Pickcell, Private Whizz, Soft Touch, X-cited Screamers
Entrance RM7 (including free SOFT drink - very cheap-lah!).
A Hail Friends Music presentation.

CRESCENDO (Raise Your Voice!)
18th May 2003
A revolution through poetry, performance and photography.
All proceeds go to the All Women’s Action Society Malaysia (AWAM).

Performers include:
Bernice Chauly, Broken Scar, Harish Shankar, Jerome Kugan, Markiza,
Pete Teo, Janet Lee, Sharanya Manivannan, Shelley Leong, Zedeck Siew

and a photo exhibit by Amnesty International Malaysia.

Estrogen Energy at its most explosive! Come watch a bunch of the most talented, dynamic and irresistibly sexy guys and grrrrls get in touch with their inner SuperWoman!

About AWAM (All Women’s Action Society Malaysia)

AWAM is an independent feminist organisation committed to improving the lives of women in Malaysia. Our vision is to create a just and equitable society where women are treated with respect, and free from all forms of violence and
discrimination. Towards this, we inform, connect and mobilise those interested in: Securing women's rights, Bringing about gender equality, Supporting women in crisis.
We also build the capacities of those who work for women's empowerment and social transformation. To keep up with change and to remain effective, we regularly evaluate, plan and monitor our work.

AWAM operates on the strength of a dynamic group of volunteer members and a pool of dedicated staff. Both are responsible for the direction and policies of the organisation. The latter also ensures the smooth running of day-to-day activities. We build strategic alliances to achieve our objectives and belong to various networks such as Joint Action Group
[against violence against women], the National Women's Coalition, and the Womens's Agenda for Change, and government agencies [hospitals, welfare department and police]. We actively fundraise to run our programmes and provide vital services to women.

25th May 2003
Emporium Grande Cafe.
Lurks, Soft Touch, Family Circle and Stone Angelina

"The 2nd band who pumped up a little tempo in house was Soft Touch.
No stranger to the music scene, they showered us with some of their latest
compositions which according to Hassan, they will be releasing them in
their next coming recording..........if the budget is within their
reach! They set a good standard to everyone with their blend of
'happy and meaningful' songs that all humans in this planet can enjoy
them........especially in 'Better World' which was released in the Peter
Hassan's 'Warm' album! So much of charisma and each of them really
enjoyed themselves on stage. They had two new sessionists last nite, on
drums and bass. Pretty good chemistry among all of them. Thumbs up for them all !!

This from the organiser our good friend Andy Fam (of another boring sunday fame)
Actually Mokhtar couldn't play so we had a replacement drummer from
Men Under Zero Effort and Oddstar 13, multi-instrumentalist ALANG, who did a
fine job - thanks so much Alang for stepping into the breach and
rehearsing with us when you were so pressed.
Shahril our new bass-player distinguished himself and is set to lead the
band onto more funky territory in the future, while I'joo did his usual fine stuff.


15th June 2003
Emporium Grande Cafe
central Kuala Lumpur

QINGS & KUEENS is one of the finest amongst the alternative bands in the
Klang Valley, with some great songs, lively vocals and skilled musicianship
(Paul's guitar lines are very tasty).
Soft Touch (without Hassan Peter this time - he was in UK - see below)
performed three songs and acquitted themselves well.

21st June 2003

June - July 2003
(details click here)

7th August 2003
Songwriters Round 10.
No Black Tie, 27, Jalan Mesui, back of Istana Hotel
off Jalan Nagasari, Kuala Lumpur.
Amir Yussof, Hassan Peter Brown, Mia Palencia, Albert & Edwin

9th and 10th August 2003

Bunyi Gitar Festival
Two days of music from 10.00 am until 10.00 pm, featuring various artists including
Roger Wang, Mia Palencia, Amir Yussof, Peter Brown and Markiza, Rafique Rashid,
Meor & Sanskrita, Albert Sirimal, Akademi Seni Kebangsaan, Kumar Kathigesu and many more.
BALAI SENI LUKIS NEGARA,Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.

Saturday 23rd August 2003
Click here for review


Sunday 7th September 2003
Click here for review


Saturday 4th October 2003
Back to the Old Days volume II

Prodigy (ex Zodiac), 12 & 13 Block C, 1st Floor,
Menara Berjaya Prudential, Jln. Walter Grenier
Kuala Lumpur

Bands :
One Buck Short
Silent Prayer
X-cited Screamers
Soft Touch
Triple 6 Poser
Qings & Kueens
4 Side Slippers

Culprits : Dan Music Entertainment & FYI Entertainment

site :

Monday 20th October 2003

QINGS & KUEENS Official Web-Launch

Waited all too long for the official QINGS & KUEENS website??
Your patience will be rewarded! They will be officially launching their website on the 20th October (Monday).
It will be a small get-together party with some live music by a few hot bands.
The band will also be launching their second single, "Silent Melody" during that event.

Jam Asia, 19-1, Jln. 22A/70A Plaza Crystalville (Rock Station)
Sri Hartamas (behind Agros mamak)

Rocking with them during that night are :
Soft Touch,
Sarah Lo
Fallen Leaves
(they're back!!)

The website (designed by Jerry, our drummer) was revealed that night.

In the mean time, share it with your friends about the site.

The Qings & Kueens web site & 2nd single launch party was surely a great get-together event for all the supporters and friends. About 100 people turned up and JamAsia was jam-packed.

The event started around 9.10pm with the charming MC, Ms. Naomi steering the night away. The first band up was Fallen Leaves. Last seen them in my event Indie-Fest 2002, last night marked their friendly come back with lots of integrity in the band. Really, glad to know that they are back in our struggling music scene to continue from where they had left behind. They really have good solid creative music in their belts. Keep up the spirit, James and buddies!

Next up was Soft Touch. Need not much intro about this band and they still are the inspiration for most of the bands/musicians. Fine musicianship carved during their set with Markisa & Peter Hasssan taking charge on the vocals respectively. The legendary track, 'Better World' still remained the all time favourite sing a long tune last night. We are struggling indeed to live in a better world.

Then, it was time for a short preview of Qings & Kueens official web site content. Narrated by the creative web designer and also the drummer for the band, Jerry poured some short & sweet words on the web page thru the projection from a LCD projector screen with the help of the lovely MC. Everyone was very excited about the web site.

Kohl was on stage next. Being the only female vocalist thruout the night, Saz Lo stole the night with her enchanting vocals. Really got the attention of all the female in the house to cheer for her........not to mention the guys too! Belting out some new materials, they even had a good friend to back up on the rhythm guitar. I guess its time for them to release their materials in recording coz I've been asked by few people about their CDs. A really good chemistry among the musicians with a groovy touch!

Finally, the bad boys were on stage, Qings & Kueens was up with the screaming supporters tearing the place down! Kicking off with a new track, then unleashing their 2nd single, 'Silent Melody'. Followed by a good friend to join in as guest with the band, Kevin Teh (Broken Scar) belted out a wonderfully written track called 'Scratch'. They even did a birthday song for one of the supporters followed by a candle lit cake for a good wish ahead. An energetic set was performed with such a strong stage charisma to relate to everyone singing out loud their 1st single, 'We're Gonna Rock You', which hit the airwaves heavily 3 months back.

It was a fun party with freebies given away during the games/quiz session when bands were setting up to perform.

SHOUT Entertainment would like to express our highest appreciation to JamAsia as the venue sponsor,
Bodyglove (M) Sdn. Bhd. for Qings & Kueens apparel & free gift sponsor, Adlin of KLUE magazine,
Izuan Shah of The Star, Fumi & Chino of John's Mistress, Ms. Naomi as the stage master,
all the performing bands and you good good people who came for the party.

Music can be a powerful driving force in our lives as a musician but
we can never make it if we do not have each of you to be the light shining on us.

Andy Fam
SHOUT Entertainment

Clicl for larger pic

5 days of acoustic music entertainment!!!

Venue : Paul's Place, Uptown, 105m (first floor),
SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.
Time : Doors Opened at 8pm

Tickets : RM3 per night
fantastic - you could even afford a drink AS WELL!!!

Bands Playing :

8th December - Broken Scar, Alias, Auburn, DragonRed
9th December - Rina, Niche, Doze, Superbar
10th December - Ariff Akhir, Moodswings, Shelley Leong, Y2k
11th December - Soft Touch, Triple6Poser, Flatline,
Az A Samad
12th December - Azmyl Yunor, X-Cited Screamers,
Jerome Kugan, Mojo Pin, Saer Ze


For more information ring
03 2095 3045 or hp 019 368 8130