Saturday 16th December
Rock the World Seven
from 3 pm onwards the whole stadium Merdeka rocked - with music simultaneously on 3 stages!
Soft Touch played on the Indie stage about 8 pm.
The response was good

for further info go to:

Wong's RTW7 Review
pics below courtesy of ace picsman Pek Thong

Sunday November  26th
Jack Nathan Tribute
Jack, a fine guitarist known  and loved by many met with an unfortunate accident.  So his family  andf all his friends (including many musicians and bands) got together  and put on a show.  This show started in the afternoon and went  on until late at night.  It was held at Cafe no 1, 1 Jalan Lekui  near Pudu Raya in the centre of KL.
pics below courtesy of ace picsman Mark Ruffin

Bands that performed this day/evening:
Stonebay, Sugar Free, Sick Society, Frequency Cannon, Triple Six Poser, Furniture, Ben's Bitches, Azmyl Yunor & the Sigarettes, Os Pombos and Errol De Cruz, 3 Corner Stones, Small Stones, Rock 'n' Roll Mark, Colin & Mirzan, 360 Degree Head Rotation, Country Hearts, Albert, Vijay and Bada, Big Game, PHD, Tempered Mental, Fiesta, Street Lights, Purple Haze
There were also appreciations from his family and girlfriend, a video and photographs of Jack's life.  It was a beautiful and sensitive get together, a fitting way to honour the life of this man who we shall never forget

Wednesday  November 22nd
Ever heard of Ciplak?  Ever seen it?  Ciplak is a movie starring numerous alternative personae including Hassan Peter  Brown, Izuan Shah, Nasneen Halim, various Chinese gangster types  like Ben Lieu & CK, Paul, Farrah, Saiful, Tony Pietra and other  dark horses too numerous to mention as well as the chief actor, director, producer, script writer the one and only - wait for it  folks - KHAI BAHAR or as he is known in Holywood, KHAIRIL M. BAHAR.

This  excellent movie which the trendy, ultra-cool new mag called NEW MAN  described as "probably the best Malaysian mvie ever" (probably? What  cheek!) was launched at the Laundry Bar (where if you misbehave the heavies sort of - well "clean" you up like) in The Curve (that's where  all the kinky people go) in Mutiara Damansara, in Suburban Kuala Lumpur.   The bands who played were: 
Y2K, Triple Six Poser, Dragon  Red and Soft Touch
It was a GOOD GIG - people liked our stuff  and bought our album
Thanks folks, and thanks for going watching the movie when it was running at Golden Screen Cinemas

Sunday November 12th
Acoustic Jam 14

Sunday August 20th
3 pm
Venue: Indecine, First Floor, KLPAC
(The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre at Sentul Park,
Jalan Strachan, off Jalan Ipoh)

Troubadours presents
Open Doors

featuring the following
(Busker and social angel with original twelve string guitar style and exceptional voice)
(Outrageous satire on the things we love to hate)
from UK
(lacklustre, jaded and superannuated singer songwriter still tired from all that party-going in the sixties and seventies. 
Come and see and hear this fading and soon-to-be comatose genius perform some new songs, in which endeavour he will be accompanied by the original bass player for both Spunky Funggy and Soft Touch Azlan Ramli, and Markiza on vocals and percussion)

together with: UNCENSORED!
a film by Hakim
(All about how they send people to prison at the Authority's pleasure,
sometimes for half a lifetime)

This was a wierd gig as it was done in broad daylight.  Not many folks apart from the bands / individual performers.  But no doubt at all that Panda Head Curry (which is Ben from Ben's Bitches and Rafil from 360 Degree Head Swivvellers Incorporated) stole the show with their audience participationm thing.  During our set we were interrupted several times by the dulcit recorded voice of Joe Hasham (thanks Joe for giving us an excuse for making mistakes and a means of covering them up).  We have to say: not much response to the more recondite songs of Peter Brown, played sometimes with down home purist guitar picking.

Saturday June 17th
Fetes De La Musique

this year there were two main areas for musicians to perform: The Alliance Francaise off the Jalan Semarak, and one of the streets in Bangsar Baru, where there was a main stage, and a "street" stage.  This had originally been planned for outside Bangsar Village Shopping Centre, but complaints from the Mosque led to it's relocation in Jalan Telawi Lima.

This was record day for us as we (Markiza and I in Alliance Francaise, and a partial Soft Touch without Alex and Alda but with guest star Melina on Djembe in Bangsar) performed no less that 5 times!  So we were suitably exhausted.  There were of course loads of bands but we managed to hold our own and get audience appreciation despite lack of a complete band.  Thanks people!

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