Jet Set Therapy

So many people with problems today, donno what to do with their lives
Bored with fast cars and sauna baths and swapping husbands and wives
Getting fed up with waiting around for something really great to arrive
They need to let out their anger, to throw some emotional knives
Yes, they need to lose their inhibitions, they need to feel really free
To shout and scream and act obscene, they need jet set therapy
So if you want some you just contact me

Well, I got a guru down in India, he lets me do just what I please
He tells me about enlightenment, that state of inner peace
Where you don't want or need anything and all your troubles cease
He says it's okay about the fun I have putting young ladies at ease
Yes, he's a turned on tantric daddy a powerhouse of cosmic energy
Just what I need when I'm practising this jet set therapy
So if you want some you just contact me

Oh, when I look into myself
I don't see much that's good
In fact most of the time I feel
As dead as a block of wood
But jetting around all over the world
becoming famous and rich
Makes me feel I'm someone -
Yes I think I've really found my niche
As a jet set therapist
(It's a good way to exist, man)

So if you think you're reaching crisis point or you're just plain feeling tense
Or you feel your world's an illusion, your life is just a pretence
And you really want to experience that peak experience
And your income is of such a kind that you can bear the expense
Then try some of the groups that I run in America, England and Germany
And get your mind blasted with some jet set therapy
Yes, if you want some you just contact me

by Peter Brown  © Chinta Music, 1984