Going on Holiday

Put the lilo in the car
Have you got the bucket and spade?
I heard the weather forecast just now
It's eighty in the shade
And the sun is out and the sky is blue
We're off to the beech with the children too
Nevermind the bills we still have to pay
We're off on holiday

Canary Islands, San Tropez, Malaga, Miami
For just two weeks we can escape from a life of drudgery
Have you seen the brochure -can there be more proof
We'll be sipping martini on a hotel roof
With a view that takes your breath away
We're off on holiday

Yes, it's the holiday time that makes your life worthwhile
So you got to look good in the photos - smile, smile, smile

Now Jan'e a thoroughly modern Ms
She knows that children are a trial
So she's left them both with her mum and dad
And she'd heading for a Grecian Isle
She's got the Bergosol to help get a tan
It makes it easier to pick up a man
Mind you, she doesn't want to get carries away
She's just on holiday

And John went into business in eighty-two
And he made it a success
But he's got an ulcer and a heart complaint
He really needs a rest
He's got a ticket, gonna hop on a plane
He's off to the Club Mediterraneenne
Where the women are chic and the nights are gay
He's off on holiday

Yes, it's the holiday time that makes your life worthwhile
So you better look good in the photos - smile, smile, smile!

I've got a ticket on a package tour and I hope it's going to be fun
As long as there's plenty of pretty girls, plenty of sea and sun
'Cause I'm bored with my job, yes I'm bored with my wife
I need some kicks, I need a bit of life
I've only got two weeks and an extra day
So I'm off on holiday
Yes I'm off on my two week annual holiday
I want plenty of sea and sun and golden sand (and lots of near naked bodies)
That's all I've been dreaming of all year long
I dream and I live in my dreams and I'm dreaming
And I hope my dream will come true

by Peter Brown  © Chinta Music, 1984