The Searcher

The searcher wakes up one fine day
With a feeling in his heart that he's lost his way
And he doesn't know why and he doesn't know how
It came about that he's like this now
So he goes to the local library
And he gets out some books on philosophy
Of an existential kind
To see what he can find
In answer to the questions in his mind

For so many years he's lived in chains
Travelling into work on trains
Returning to his wife and child
Too tires to talk, to tired to smile
And friends and people that he knows
If they have doubts it never shows
And he feels he's down in a hole
With no purpose, aim or goal
And a strange discontentment in his soul

The he saw an ad in the local press
"The Key to Expanded Consciousness"
The Sufi talks of reality
And he gives off a curious energy -
A sense of love he can't ignore
And he feels that he's found what he's looking for

So he joins the group and he really tries
To lift the veils from his eyes
But as the work gets more intense
He gets involved in arguments
Doesn't do what the teacher says
His confidence grows less and less -
Oh, he knows what he wants to find
He's looking for peace of mind
But he doesn't know how to leave himself behind

by Peter Brown  © Chinta Music, 1984