Fear of Nuclear War

Fear of nuclear war wasted all my youth
Took me to a place where I was afraid to know the truth
Escaping from the future into a present fantasy
Living just from day to day a fake reality

When you know that everything can in a moment turn to dust
And all familiar places and the faces that you trust
Can vanish in a hideous and devastating fire
And you know there's no place to hide, nowhere to retire

Fear of nuclear was made me lose control
I lived a life of pleasure with the aim just to console
And it seemed that life was pointless and stiving was a sin
For the world was as fragile as a bubble on a pin

When you know that everything... etc

Fear of nuclear war made me feel so alone
Living on the edge of death with nothing to call my own
And you feel so helpless, there's nothing you can do
They say it's free from error but I can't believe it's true
Can you? What are we to do
We must do something to show we won't take it no more
Got to have peace in this world
Peace is what we all want
Peace for our children, peace...

by Peter Brown  © Chinta Music, 1984