When your out on the street and your life is incomplete
And you feel that you must have lost your way
And with every moment more you're adding to the score
Of a debt that you never can repay
And the future looks soblack, and the past drives you back
To a time when it was sweeter to abide
Well, it'sonly a dream, 'cause things aint what they seem
When you get to the other side

Well, you can cheat and you can lie Build your castles in the sky
You can run around the town for a good time
And all the things that you conceal, you won't believe they're real
Til it gets so that nothing seems a crime
And it's only what you see that has reality
You desire so much you can't decide
Well, I can tell you my friend there won't be any end
When you get to the other side

There's a place we all can go if we really want to know
What lies beyond this world of time
And you can get there in this life but you really have to strive
And it's best to start out in your prime
And the sea is always rough but if you have sufficient love
And hold on fast and trust your guide
The journey may be hard but you'll get your reward
When you get to the other side

by Peter Brown  © Chinta Music, 1984