When the Stars are Bright

Keats was a poet but at twenty-five
He saw no chance of staying alive
He went out to hear the nightingale
With a pain in his chest and his skin so pale
He wrote down a poem it came straight from the heart -
"Bright star were I as steadfast as thou art"
Well it turned out that poem was to be his last
Now I know he's up in the sky so vast -
He's a light
And he's shining bright

When the stars are bright and the feeling's right
Then everything will come to you
Just when you think there's no hope in sight
You can feel it coming through
That's right
When the stars are bright

Gautama was a prince with a beautiful wife
But he felt dissatisfied with his life
Something inside of him needed to flower
Immune from the lure of wealth and power
For many years he wandered about
Meditating into his fear and doubt
'Til one fine day under the Bodi tree
He was transfigured into an ecstacy of light
Full of pure insight


Sometimes when I look up and see the stars
I think that one day men will travel that far
And find a new home in the Universe
As unspoilt as the Earth was at first
Well, that's just a dream, it will never come true
At least not in the lifetime of me and you
Yet I've had those moments when my spirit soared
I was only held back by a slender cord like a kite
Flying at a great height


When I lie with you here beneath the sky
It seems so irrelevant to wonder why
And yet it's so strange - how did I come
To have a love so rich and warm
I've been searching for you for so many years
All through frustration, pain and tears
I believed I would find you however long
It would take - now I know I wasn't wrong, I was right
Oh! You're a sweet delight


by Peter Brown  © Chinta Music, 1981