You Make It All So Easy

I used to think I had to fight for everything I wanted
No-one else mattered, I was the only one who counted
Then you came along and you showed me what is real
And now I understand just how much I can feel
'Cause you make it all so easy, I don't need to struggle any more
Yes, you maske it all so easy, strange how hard it was before You know how to smile and turn a rainy day into sunshine
You know how to cheer up a man who is sad and give him a fun time
Yes, you know all the tricks, those magical ways
You make me feel quite drunk, I'm floating in a haze
'Cause you make it all so easy... etc There's nothing I need search for, nothing to achieve
I don't have any problems about what I believe
As long as you are here I know I'll never want to leave
'Cause you make it all so easy... etc

by Peter Brown  © Chinta Music, 1981