Falling in love again
For the umpteenth time around
Trying to proveagain
I can still take off from the ground
On a warm Summer day
With the sky blue and clear
And the salt tang and the spray
And the seabreeze in your hair
And I wonder
Who in the world you are Long term relationships
Don't seem to come my way
Love never seems to be for keeps
Just another game to play
But with you I am afraid
'Cause the feelings are so strong
And I wonder if they'll fade
If anything goes wrong
And I wonder
How I ever got this far Sailing
Skimming across the water
With never a thought of where we're making for
We are leaving
This old land behind us
I wonder if we'll find us another shore
For we won't be returning here no more We're together every day
Just following the flow
And every little thing you say
Is beautiful to know
You're the light in my eyes
You're the wind in my sails
You're the colour in the sky
As the darkness slowly falls
And I love you
Will you be my guiding star Sailing... etc

by Peter Brown  © Chinta Music, 1981