Crying Inside

There's a lady looking through the window
At the dresses in cotton and silk
She dreams of a time when she was young
Complexion as smooth as milk
And all the men were at her feet
As she sauntered in her hat upon the lawn
But she had to go and marry that one
Whose death she doesn't even mourn
For a moment she's back in the garden that day
When she swore that she would be his bride
And her eyes turn up in an abstract way
Ah, but she's really crying inside

The man with the sports car draws up at the curb
And he gets out to wipe the windscreen
She asks, "How long have you had it?"
And he tells her it's a brand new machine
She reminds him of someone long before
She could afford to ride in style
For a moment his eyes lose their focus
And his lips drop from their smile
But he regains his debonair quality
As they drive off for a casual ride
And he chats with such easy joviality
Ah, but he's really crying inside

You stood in the corner of the room
In shadow for the lights were low
You were talking with great animation
If you saw him it didn't show
The people you were with had smoked a lot
They were laughing at every little thing
You laughed too, it helped you to forget
And any way the mood is catching
But you noticed when he finally disappeared
The signal for you that love had died
You stuck it out untilthe worst had cleared
And you were only crying inside

All my life I've wanted to be loved
And I've looked forward to the day
When I would meet the girl of my dreams
Who would carry my heart away
And we would live in such happiness
The vision was so clear
But right now it's just a repeat of the same old mess
Don't want to bother, don't want to care
And I feel sometimes I'm just drifting in space
But at least I've still got my pride
For it's hard to keep a smile on your face
When you're really crying inside

by Peter Brown. c. Chinta Music, 1979