Changes will be coming
Things will be alright
Men will be brothers
No longer want to fight
A new understanding's
Gonna set us free
People will be happy
Just you wait and see

I looked out my window
Just the other day
So many people rushing by
Hurrying on their way
Everyone too busy
To smile and say 'hello'
Just like ants on an antheap
Always on the go

But changes will be coming...etc

I woke up this morning
Looked at the daily press
Nothing there but bad news
Disaster and distress
Pages filled with heartache
Violence and war
People getting angry
Without knowing what for

Ah, but changes will be coming...etc

I've got a neighbour
I've never seen him smile
Spends his time complaining
That life is such a trial
hates to see the young folk
Doing as they please
Thinks that all this freedom
Is some kind of disease

Ah, but changes will be coming... etc

There's a lot of people
In this world today
Who think that just because things are
That's how they've got to stay
Think that people who want change
Are just a bunch of fools
They don't seem to realise
It's they who make the rules

Yes, and changes will be coming... etc

by Peter Brown. c. Chinta Music, 1979