Packed My Suitcase

A year ago it was so good with you
Nothing in the world could part us two
You gave me so much loving it was hard to believe
Now when I see you you look so bored
I try to help but I'm feeling flawed
Something inside is telling me to leave

So I've packed my suitcase
Moving to a new place
I'm through with crying
Yeah, I've packed my suitcase
Moving to a new place
Staying here is useless
I'm through with trying

Our loving used to go on and on
But now when I touch you the feeling's gone
The circuit's dead there's no current coming through
There's a barrier between us now
Something big and I don't know how
To break it down and start again anew
So, I packed my suitcase... etc

Don't want you to think it's easy for me
To walk right out that door
I don't want you to think I no longer love you
I do (I do) and that's why (that's why)
I can't stay here any more

In time we'll both find somebody else
Staying together 'ld just be false
We'd just make each other unhappy all of the time
Love that's gone
You live in the past asnd you live alone
Look to the future, you're spirits start to climb

That's why I packed my suitcase... etc

by Peter Brown. c. Chinta Music, 1979