Remeber that party one evening in June?
We talked in the garden by the light of the Moon
You took me back to your place and you loved me so fine
I thought if I could that I would make you mine
Oh, Rosie
With your eyes like sapphires, your skin of pearl
Your lips like rubies, your golden curls
You live for the moment in a social whirl
Oh, Rosie

Down in the disco on a Saturday night
You were dancing like a maenad in the coloured light
You came forward to me and you kissed me so sweet
But later you told me how you felt such a cheat,
Oh, Rosie
You seemed so restless and dissatisfied
Those few weeks together, God how I tried
But you wanted something I just couldn't provide
Oh, Rosie

Oh the pleasures of the creature are tinged with bitterness
So said some mystic a long time ago
Well, I wanted to reach you deep down but I guess
I was unrealistic to expect love to grow

Down by the river, below the links
We'd gone for a drive and we'd had a few drinks
You held on to me, there were tears in your eyes
But later that evening we said our goodbyes
Oh, Rosie
I wanted your loving for my very own
But you like your freedom, I should have known
And now that we're parted I feel so alone
Without Rosie,
Without Rosie... etc

by Peter Brown. c. Chinta Music, 1979