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The Soft Touch full album is now out (released November 28 2005) and consists of the five songs already released on the Soft Touch EP: Listen 2 What U C, Happy Sad, Shelter, Wishful Thinking and Lately, which have been re-mastered for better quality, and four partially live tracks, Better World, Move on Down the Line, Love & Music and Crazy Heart recorded live at Paul's Place during the launch of the EP in April 2005 with the vocals re-dubbed in the studio for the sake of quality, and one unplugged track Mercy. Apart from the live tracks the entire album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Lemang Studio, which is a 16 track home studio, partly analogue and partly digital. The five original EP songs were all composed collectively by the band, but bass player Shahril originated Shelter and Lately, while the others were originated by Markiza and Peter. Markiza wrote the lyrics of Lately. The cover was designed by Izzy and the CD label by Zash.

The Full album is available for RM10 but postage and packing will be RM5 extra. Send RM15 to: 80, Jalan Kasah, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. telephone 00603 20953045, 0193688130 or call round (Jalan Kasah is located in Medan Damansara, across the footbridge from Pusat Bandar Damansara). International orders: send 3 pound cheque to M. Halim at above address.

Those who have already purchased the EP can exchange it at no extra cost for the full album at the above address.

LYRICS for all songs - click here

MP3 versions of every track from the Full Album are available on Music Canteen. You may listen to 1 minute of each track and purchase any track for a mere RM3.

SOUNDBITES: Visit i-bands for tracks from the album which you can now Download!!

Track 1 > Happy Sad
Track 2 > Better World
Track 3 > Move On Down the Line

REVIEWS of the Soft Touch EP
Released in April 2005 it contains the 1st 5 songs on the album

Sunday Star, 8th May 2005, read it @ Star Central

Web review: Think.com.my

from Sunday Mail written by
Gerald Martinez
(thanks Gerald!)
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SOFT TOUCH - Soft Touch (Lemang)

This local group is led by Peter Hassan and Markiza. This EP is made up of five songs with Markiza singing lead on four and Peter taking centrestage on one.

The group started as a duo in the '90s but now has additional members in Wong Lip Kee (guitar), Alex Ang (drums) and Shahril (six-string bass).

Their brand of music marries pop melodies with indie-flavoured rock, but also taking in grunge, jazz and folk.

Listen 2 What U C is an engaging combination of power rock riffing with a countryish chorus and featuring Markiza's airy vocals. It ends with a punkish rave-up.

Happy Sad has a folk-rock feel to it while Shelter has a touch of Fleetwood Mac about it, and features strong vocal harmonies.

Wishful Thinking is an odd combination of waltz and ska beats and Lately sees Soft Touch funking it up gently.

While you could classify their music as indie-pop, it's quite charmingly quirky in its own way.

from Galaxie Magazine by
Edward Gomez
Soft Touch
Soft Touch EP (Lemang Music)

Forget everything you think you know! Soft Touch may have been conceived all those years ago under a pink folk rock moon but as the first notes on the band's debut EP emanate from the speakers, you're suddenly hit with the realisation that the old band may well no longer exist. If you were expecting lush, acoustic textures look some place else because Soft Touch appears to have traded in its Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span tendencies for a classic rock sound that threatens to burn everything in its path. If there is any doubt that Soft Touch deserves to stand alongside Malaysian indie rock's finest then opener Listen 2 What U C will silence the critics. Built on a searing guitar hook (courtesy of of axe slinger Wong Lip Kee), the song hits full stride straight out of gate. And with the jaunty, blues tinged Happy Sad (is the title Hassan Peter's nod to Tim Buckley?) up next, there's no time to let the dust settle properly.

However, while it may not have been obvious at first, there are really two parts to the EP. The first half is rock-flavoured, and the second is quirky, whimsical and basically (as anyone who's seen the band live should be able to tell you) Soft Touch at its finest. The scene shift isn't dramatic. It happens without you even realising, somewhere in the middle of Wishful Thinking, just as you're getting used to the idea of Markiza's delicate vocals struggling for air above the boisterousness of the proceedings. Personally I prefer the second half of the EP because it's the Soft Touch I know and love. But I'm sure the band members don't mind either way just so long as you buy the record and don't allow prejudice to influence what you hear. Isn't that right guys? ***

Galaxie Magazine


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